Monday, December 14, 2015

Oscar de la Renta at SCAD Atlanta

Silk faille jacket and skirt with appliqued bows. 2012 collection.

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) held the premier opening of the exhibit, "Oscar de la Renta: His Legendary World of Style" earlier this year. The exhibition was the first to celebrate the master of elegance and his work since his passing in October 2014.

This extraordinary exhibit is now at SCAD FASH in Atlanta through December 31st. If you love fashion and exemplary design and workmanship, this is a must-see exhibit.

Embroidered silk chiffon dress, Fall 2002

De la Renta's friendship with SCAD encompassed more than a decade. Designer, artist and cultural icon, de la Renta was recognized as the first recipient of the André Leon Talley Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2001 SCAD Fashion Show. The SCAD Museum of Art permanent collection features a number of the couturier's designs. 

Embroidered silk evening dress, 2014 collection.

Over the years, de la Renta generously gave fabrics from his collections to the SCAD School of Fashion for student use, and many of the of the university's students also benefited from internship opportunities at de la Renta's New York atelier.  SCAD President Paula Wallace stated: "Oscar took a personal interest in our students. They have learned from him, and SCAD is humbled to commemorate his love for our students with this resplendent exhibition. The 2012 SCAD MOA exhibition, "Little Black Dress," which traveled to Paris, also featured Oscar's work."

Below, some examples of daytime dresses, coats and suits:

But, of course, it was de la Renta's evening gowns that made his reputation. No fashionable woman would consider her wardrobe complete without at least one of his gowns. They showed up on socialists at museum galas, as well as on famous film stars at film events around the world. Some examples, below:

 Worn by Taylor Swift at Metropolitan Museum o f Art Gala, 2014.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Creative Mystique: Martina Bradach

* Mystique: The special esoteric skill essential in a calling or activity.

While it is certainly true that there is very little new under the sun, it is the artistic person who discovers a new way to transform the old. Humans have been transforming their environments and themselves since our early ancestors painted both the walls of their caves and the skins on their back. Adornment is at the core of our very nature. But it is the rare few who take the ordinary and create something original. 

Martina Bradach of Croatia is one of those creative forces.  "Beauty that is present in the power of the natural world leaves me in awe and moves me to creation," she says.

Martina's innovative line of jewelry clearly shows that influence. Working primarily with exotic woods, natural leather and stones, she creates designs that, although simple in style, illustrate the power and beauty found in natural elements. She wisely acknowledges that nature needs no embellishment.

Leather statement cuff bracelet - wooden cuff bracelet - unisex cuff braceletUnisex bracelet made of leather and Black Locust.

 Unique wood necklace - wooden pendant necklace - natural statement jewelry - designer necklacePendant made of leather, Black Locust and Lapis Lazuli.

Stone leather cuff bracelet - urban cuff bracelet - hematite braceletUrban cuff made of pale leather and Hematite.

Natural leather necklace - leather  minimalist necklace - futuristic necklace - urban necklaceChoker made of natural leather and Carnelian.

 Dramatic earrings - unique long earrings - red coral earrings - dagger earringsDrop earrings made of black leather and red Coral.

 Ancient necklace - modernist necklace - moonstone necklace - exotic wood jewelryNecklace made of Wenge wood, dark leather and white Moonstone.

Contemporary necklace - wood statement necklace - abstract necklace - designer necklace Necklace made of black leather, Acacia wood and Hemitite.

 Note: For more of Martina's line of jewelry, check her out on Etsy.