Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Fashion Passion: What's Yours?

 I definitely have one. While some women go wild for shoes, hats, scarves or gloves, my fashion passion is bracelets. I may have only two arms, but I have dozens of bracelets. None of them are made of precious gemstones. Not a diamond or ruby among them. Some women might consider them 'junk jewelry'. But I don't care. I love each and every one. I even sort them according to color, material, season. 

Above, a collection of Water Buffalo horn bracelets and cuffs, culled from the ones I sell by the dozens from my booth at Scott's market. Not only is buffalo horn a renewal resource (like oxen, buffalo are raised domestically around the world), the variation of shading (even on one horn!) is beautiful. The large cuff on the bottom left is in its natural, rough state, while the one on the right is highly polished. These cuffs are 4" long and make a terrific fashion statement.

The earrings and necklace are also of Buffalo horn.

Above, a small collection of sterling silver and metal bracelets. I found the faux-snake skin bangles at Macy's two years ago in the teen department. On sale, they were $4/each. The zebra-patterned cuffs were also on sale at Macy's, $8/each.The spider web cuff was discovered in a boutique in Jupiter, Florida....more expensive but worth it at $40.  The hand-hammered pewter and leather thong bracelet on the top right was the most expensive at $80 and came from April Daze, a wonderful boutique in Stuart, Florida.

My favorite? The large, woven silver metal cuff at the top. It looks like a million dollars when paired with a pair of black leather pants and knit turtleneck. Price? $9.99 at a kiosk in Lenox Square Mall, Atlanta.

I mention prices to illustrate that great design and style is affordable and available everywhere

Above, part of my wood collection. The bangles are made of walnut, mahogany, elm and wenge (wen-gay, a dense African wood). I love the twiggy one on the bottom right and have had it for years. 

The two leather and wood bracelets top left and right were hand made by a wonderfully innovative European designer. Very cutting-edge. I bought quite a few for resale but these two are keepers.

I also like to wear several bracelets on one arm. Together they make more of a statement than if worn separately. 

Below is a varied collection of lacquered wood and Bakelite. The white bangle on the bottom was a gift from my niece, Maureen. It refers to how I like my Bourbon Manhattan cocktails: Shaken not stirred. Thanks Mo!


What's your fashion passion? Come on, be honest. I know you have one!


  1. You are my fashion idol! and proof that fashion can be purchased on a budget! My passion is comfort.....

  2. Thank you for the compliment, Anon. Comfort rates pretty high on my passion chart, too!

  3. Such a beautiful and diverse blog...and collection of bracelets... passion is so changable, sometimes bracelets, sometimes necklaces and sometimes earrings, so often when I fell in love with piece of jewellery I just wear it all the time for a while, as long as it gives me that special feeling I can't wear anything else ... and then I get to something new and the old one I never wear again......

  4. Martina, I'm glad you liked the blog.

    I can relate to your feelings about switching from one piece of jewelry to another over time. I do that with clothes. I've owned some tops and skirts for years and will continue wearing them until they're rags because of the way I feel when wearing them. Other pieces, I might wear for a short while and then donate them to charity. Maybe it's the difference between 'love' and 'like'!

  5. My biggest fashion passion are hats, I just love them...big hats for summer ..... and my absolute favourite is dressage top hat...

  6. No wonder. These hats are so elegant.