Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Food Blanc et Noir

One of my favourite blog sites to visit periodically is that of  fashion designer, gardener, photographer and 'hostess extraordinaire', Carolyne Roehm. Because my husband and I were planning to spend a week at Kiawah Island, I checked Ms. Roehm's blog for the latest happenings in Charleston.

As her readers know, Carolyne took on a major renovation project in 2012 - that of restoring "Chisholm House" a circa 1860s house in Charleston's Historic District. To the delight of old house lovers everywhere, she photographed each step of the renovation. The transformation of this house from 'ugly duckling to beautiful swan' is a fascinating piece of history, as well as a lesson in determination overcoming dry rot, crumbling foundations, and unpleasant surprises lurking behind plaster walls!

The house after restoration.

Since Carolyne had decorated the house in a classical black and white scheme, she hosted a dinner party designed around a black and white theme with the main course featuring black and white bow-tie pasta. Perfect to feature on my own little blog! What's more, Ms. Roehm also included the source: Southern Seasons in Mt. Pleasant, S.C.


The second day of our vacation on Kiawah, we headed back onto the mainland to Mt. Pleasant. It was worth the 45 minute drive! As it turns out, Southern Seasons is a gourmet foodies paradise, filled with familiar names, along with many I had never heard of. To my husband's delight, they also offer a wide array of imported chocolates from small companies not found at Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, Sprouts, etc. (To his added delight, they had lots of samples!)

Black and white bow-tie pasta from Southern Seasons

With Carolyne's color theme as an inspiration for my own little supper party planned for mid-September, I searched the Internet for more ideas and discovered several food gurus (Ina Garten, among them) had also used the black and white theme. Here are a few of my favorite designs:




Image result for black and white dinner party menu



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